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About Inkhorn

We, at Inkhorn, are a young bunch of enthusiasts that fight over typefaces, synonyms, colors and creatives and support our patrons 24X7 and beyond to deliver nothing but the best.

Our passion and hard work helped us to win over few clients at first and since then we have been gulping down cups of coffee to help both start-ups and established organizations, each new one more avidly than before, to come up with Branding Solutions that Capture the Mind and Captivate the Soul.

Though we respect time, we just couldn’t wait to grow and today, just over a year of our launch, we have a client base that spans across the national boundaries to Middle East and The United States of America.

We believe in innovative thinking and are always ready to assist you in matters that are crucial to your company's image in this age of Information Technology.

“We are Indeed the Missing Piece you are Looking For”


    All set for the big launch but cannot find a designer who could connect with your business ideas and put forward a master piece? Well, pull the breaks as you have landed on the right web page that shall gun down your problems. Check out our portfolio and connect with us if you feel that we are the ones you have been looking for quite some time.


    Websites do play a role when it comes to magnetizing your potential clientele. Grab this attention for mere ten seconds and the customer is yours. Keeping everything aside, choose Inkhorn to make the visitors fall for your brand with ‘Love at First Sight’ graphics and user interface. Be it HTML or Word Press; let’s fight for their attention, together!


    These days, engaging content is the key to success. With so much pressure from the search engines, pulling strings together to succeed in the online market has tuned to be a daunting task. Blacklisting is another threat that looms over our heads when it comes to plagiarism free content posting. With creative and professional writers, Inkhorn strives to deliver nothing but the best.


    Marketing plays a role, after all if your clients don’t know what you are up to, it is nearly impossible to take your sales to a rollercoaster ride! We have professionals on board who understand the mind of web crawlers and hence can help you roar and go viral, capturing the ever expanding online market.